HOW to draw the MAP of a FANTASY WORLD

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Today how to create a map of an imaginary world for the peter pan inside us Whether it’s a neverland, a sword and sorcery universe or a magic world parallel to ours, your reader needs a map. Let’s go! …. So it’s Hizaion’s universe, Hizaion’s memories, an imaginary world of « heroic fantasy that I’ve been developing since the age of 17. I advise you to draw your card with a fountain pen, because it will be much more precise. with the ink, we really see the difference in fact. much more than a plastic pen, or a pencil, I find that there is a particular aspect to the letters with the fountain pen. So indicate in a corner of your map the north south, east and west. This is still quite important for your reader, even if the order of the letters will give him indications. in the Lord of the Rings maps they do that. I find it very pretty, curved letters to give a dynamic, aesthetic appearance, and sometimes to surround the name of cities, Minas Tirith for example, it’s really written around the city. Then I advise you to draw first the montages of this fantasy heroic world, because it takes a bit of space to draw these mountains: see all these little triangles, it takes space; it allows you to locate then where you will trace the rivers, the rivers and the tributaries. So in the center of the hizaion lands, this world of fantasy heroic, it is the river that I take up to the top, to the sacred forest of Etheldrede. The sacred forest full of magic that is widely described in my novel number 1, The Sentinels of the Invisible. So it is a forest with mountains, but mountains not necessarily rocky, but green. That’s why I make small dots, to notify, to make the vegetation appear. The river has two tributaries, and will enter the heart of the forest and irrigate all this forest full of magic and legendary creatures. There is also a lake in which the heroine Andraste will live a rather particular experience. And after all that, what I advise you to do is to draw the cities, to mark the main cities so that you can see the peregrinations of your characters. Drawing a map of an imaginary country is super important for the reader so that he can find his way around; and it is a remark that has often been made to me: « Oh it’s a pity, in your book, in your printed manuscript, that there is no map of the universe ». In fact every time I said « if it exists, but for auto editing in amazon kindle etc the images are complicated to manage for their software ». So the map you find on the Facebook page, and today I decided to make a video. It’s super important to create a map of your imaginary world, it allows you to create even more characters, even more cities, even more civilizations, and it’s a really interesting exercise as a heroic fantasy or sword and sorcery writer. If you ever want to discover the mountains of the god Ethil, Rosendal, the Etheldrede forest, where the action of the first novel Mémoires d’hizaion, sentinels de l’invisible, takes place then I invite you to subscribe, I will continue to add, upload heroic fantasy content, including portraits of heroic fantasy authors things that might interest you, also feel free to join my Facebook Hizaion page. I thank you and soon the McNeele clan. Amazon : twitter : facebook : pinterest :

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